Dear Parent or Patient:

I have sent many thousands of letters communicating with patients, parents and physicians over the last 36 years since I first came to the New York area to begin practicing and teaching Pediatric Gastroenterology, but I have found no letter as difficult for me to write as this one.

As some of you know, about a year ago, I had surgery on my back. There was some improvement in my symptoms after the surgery, but over the last several months, my condition has worsened and the pain has significantly increased, especially over the last few weeks. As a result, I am facing the possibility of more surgery. With this latest setback, I have found it increasingly difficult to practice, and therefore, I stopped seeing patients as of June , 2018. Although there is a possibility that I may be able to see patients in the future, I am uncertain if this will happen.

I recommend the Pediatric GI group at Cornell, and I have spoken to them about my leaving the practice of medicine. However, you are free to see any physician that you wish.

If you would like a PDF copy of your chart, please click the box at the bottom of this page. Print and fill out the form and send a scanned copy of the signed form back to us by email(you may take a clear picture of the form if you do not have a scanner and e-mail it to us) and we will send you a copy free of charge until August 15, 2018 by e-mail. After that time, there will be a charge of $15-$75, depending on the length of the chart. Requesting a printed copy of the chart or a PDF disc will cause considerable delay in processing, and we will charge the maximum fee as allowed by law for this form of the chart, as it requires considerable handling time. Since the chart may contain financial or personal information that you do not wish to disclose, we will not e-mail it to anyone other than to the parent or patient. You can then print or forward any part of the chart to your physician(s) that you deem appropriate. Please do not ask us to send it to your physician; and please keep a copy for your own records, as we will not send out multiple copies. It may take 3-14 business days to send you the chart. If you have an appointment with another Pediatric GI during the month of August 2018, please let us know and we will prioritize your chart.

I truly have enjoyed taking care of you, your child and your family. I tell my wife that the hardest part of this is that I feel that each patient is a part of my broader family. It was a pleasure and an honor to take care of you, and to know that you entrusted me over these years with your most precious asset—the health of your child or yourself (for my older patients). I will miss all of you.


William Spivak, M.D.